#WNBL17: performance profiles after six rounds

Round 6 of #WNBL17 was completed on 13 November with Townsville’s two-point win over Melbourne.
I have been monitoring the median profile of winners and losers in this season’s competition. My data are here.
Thus far the median profiles for winners and losers is:
The median winning score is 75 points (range 59 to 95) and the median losing score is 67 points (range 44 to 91).
Median scores (per quarter) for winning teams are: 20 (1), 19(2), 19(3), 18 (4). For losing teams: 18(1), 16(2), 16(3), 17(4).
The Ladder leaders after six rounds are Perth. Their median profiles are:
Against All Opponents
Compared to Winners’ median
Compared to Losers’ median:
My use of median profiles does not extend to the detailed approach taken by Don Vinson and Derek Peters (2016) in a recent discussion of women’s indoor field hockey. My profiles are intended to be conversational starters about daily training environments and optimal game performance.
I am using a median measure to provide a robust indicator of ‘typical’ performance. My record of the range of data within which the medians are calculated is:

Photo Credit

Andrea Wilson (Bendigo Spirit)


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