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I noticed a tweet by Rob Carroll earlier this week

Rob’s post raises a profound question about generational change.
One of my teachable moments was when I read Donald Polkinghorne’s (1988) Narrative Knowing and the Human Sciences. I tried out some of his ideas at Porto in 1998.
I think this slide resonates with Rob’s argument:
By coincidence, this week, I have been reading Arthur Samuel’s (1953) paper that explained computers to a lay audience.
It has this preface:
Arthur concludes his paper “Computers are here to stay, and it is high time for us to be learning more about them”.
I take Rob’s point about the forms of representation we can (and should) use. I imagine there is a point in all relationships when we can extend proximal development. This opportunity is at the heart of learning organisations.
As I was reflecting on Rob, Donald and Arthur, I happened upon Nathan Kinch’s post with this diagram connecting value, meaning and engagement:
Sometimes we achieve this in our communication. I am becoming more and more interested in story sharing as a way to make this possible … which is a fascinating return to Donald via an early morning tweet.


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