Cores and Edges (3)

I have completed the draft of my Cores and Edges Smart Talk (to be given at the Australian Institute of Sport on 17 October).
I have added speaker notes for each slide and hope the presentation can be self- explanatory. I am hopeful that if those who are coming to the talk have seen the flipped version of the presentation, the conversation we might have will be vibrant after reflection.
I am using Google Slides for my presentation and a copy can be found here.
The picture for this post is from the Braidwood Times.

Lewis Holland and Charlotte Caslick came back to Braidwood after the Rio Olympics. The Braidwood Times reported “Lewis told the Times that he had ‘2622’ on his suitcase in Rio. He told the students how he had always lived in Braidwood for his schooling, even when he was away training.” The students were able to ask lots of questions of the couple before Charlotte finally produced the gold medal that had been stuffed in her pocket.

2622 is the postal code for Braidwood.
I think it is a perfect image and story with which to discuss cores and edges.
The photograph was taken by Alex Rea.


  1. Hi Keith
    I went through your presentation and found it extremely thought provoking. I particularly liked slides 40 and 41 and the Sat Nav or X Box approach to coaching.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    • Hello, Ron
      Thank you for finding the post. I hoped you might find the Xbox discussion of interest.
      Thank you for working through the presentation too.


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