Discussing open educational resources at AUSPIN 2016

I am attending the first day of the AUSPIN 2016 conference in Canberra today.
Just as I was about to write this post, I saw Simon Nainby’s tweet:

For some time now, I have flipped all my presentations in advance of real-time presentation in case anyone might be interested in exploring ideas at the presentation. The flip provides a record of the presentation for subsequent reflection and open sharing if it is of interest.
It is an approach that prioritises asynchronous reflection over synchronous revelation.
I think this flip is particularly important when discussing open educational resources. There are so many cloud based opportunities to do this. At present I am using a variety of Google tools.
I am using a picture of the Library at Celsus as the opening image in my presentation. It was built facing east to give early risers the opportunity to read the scrolls kept there in excellent light … 1900 years ago.
The presentation is here.
There is a published to the web version here on a 5 second auto advance.
I have a short ogg audio file to support the presentation and an MP3 audio file too.
I am hopeful that this open sharing transforms my presentation options at AUSPIN. It is a meeting of people who spend their professional lives sharing resources.
A perfect storm for flipping.
Photo Credit
Facade of the Library of Celsus (Carole Raddato, CC BY-SA 2.0)



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