#AFL Semi-Finals 2016

The Semi-Finals of the 2016 AFL Season resulted in wins for the Western Bulldogs (v Hawthorn) and Sydney (v Adelaide).
I thought the Western Bulldogs’ win had the characteristics of a Contested 2 Quarter game whilst there were characteristics of a Dominant game in Sydney’s win.
I am interested in teams’ performances within games and across a season. I have been using a median profile of all winners’ points differences by quarter to track momentum within a game and across a season.
My data for the Semi-Finals are:
Western Bulldogs
These very basic charts raise some important questions for me. I have been thinking about them as records of readiness to perform.
Without over-reading the charts, I noted the Bulldogs’ ability to come back against a team that has dominated the AFL for the last three years. I noted too the strength of Sydney’s start to the game.
I am looking forward to seeing how both teams recover to play teams in the preliminary finals who had a week away from competitive games.


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