#UCSIA15: Finding and Sharing

I am hopeful that the open, online course #UCSIA15 provides a great opportunity to share resources.
A photograph from another community of practice has underscored for me the value of sharing … and finding places to curate these shares.
It is a picture from the Apollo Image Archive taken by Charles Duke during his third moon walk (23 April 1972). Jason Major has written about how the family portrait found its way there.
My desire to find the photograph came after watching an episode of Brian Cox’s Human Universe.

The Duke family photograph is available from the Apollo Image Archive. Kipp Teague created the archive in 1999. He notes that “The majority of the photographs on this site are courtesy of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration”.
Just after following this search I saw this Jo Clubb tweet:

and thought it an excellent example of where sharing might lead.


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