#AC2015: Goals Scored and Performance Against Elo Ratings



The Asian Cup 2015 concluded this evening with Australia’s win in extra time against Korea Republic.
85 goals were scored in the Tournament (61 in Group Games and 24 in Knockout Games).
My record of the goals can be found here.

When Goals Were Scored

I monitored when goals were scored during the Tournament. I used 15 minute intervals to do this.
In the Group Games the pattern was:
In the Knockout Games:

Elo Ratings

I looked at the performance of teams at the Asian Cup 2015 in relation to their Elo Ratings.
Higher Elo rated teams won 24 of the 32 games played at the Tournament.
22 higher rated teams scored first and won their games. There were two games in which the higher rated team did not score first but did win the game (Australia v Kuwait, UAE v Qatar).
Of the eight games lost by higher Elo rated teams, DPR Korea (v Saudi Arabia), Uzbekistan (v China) and Iran (v Iraq) scored first and lost. There were five games where a lower Elo rated team scored first and won (including the win for Korea in the Group Game against Australia).

Photo Credit

Screen Grab from the Match Centre of the Official Website.


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