#UCSIA15: Google Slides, Dropbox and slideshare

I have been working on #UCSIA15 today.
I have started to synthesise some of the material for some trigger presentations for the course.
I used Google Slides to draft the Introduction presentation. I tried out a new font to me, Proxima Nova. This is one of the many fonts available in Google Slides.
The Google Slides deck can be found here. It has active hyperlinks.
This is my Dropbox copy (pdf 2.8 Mb).
The slideshare copy of the Introduction does not have active hyperlinks. You can download a pdf copy from slideshare with active links.
[slideshare id=42705217&doc=ucsia15sportinformaticsandanalytics-anintroduction-141215001027-conversion-gate01]

Photo Credit

Op Shop (Eric Rogers, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


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