#UCSIA15: A Modest Open Online Course (MOOC)

As I work on #UCSIA15, I have been discussing with colleagues what abbreviation to use to describe the open online course.
It is an OOC … We have no idea how many people will register for the course and so I hope the ‘M’ word in use will be ‘Modest’.
This is the Eventbrite alert for the course
Another reason for modesty is that the open course is running during two Sport Analytics Events:

My hope is that our MOOC resonates with discussions in Boston and Melbourne whilst providing additional asynchronous opportunities to explore the interaction of informatics and analytics in sport settings.
It will be a cMOOC too. The ‘c’ prefix indicates that it will be founded upon and shared with a connectivist approach to learning.

Photo Credit

Banksy Draw the Line (Jym Dyer, CC BY-NC 2.0)



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