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I am grateful to Tony Naar for alerting me to another delightful New York Times story, The Russia Left Behind.
Tony is aware of the impact After Snow Fall has had upon my thinking about visualising narratives.
The Russia Left Behind post is written Ellen Barry. The photographs that illustrate the story are by Dmitry Kostyukov. Other contributors to the story are Ben Solomon (video), Mike Bostock, Shan Carter and Leslye Davis (producers).
RLB2I liked the way the story used the journey map to synchronise with the seven elements of the story.
I think Dmitry Kostyukov’s pictures are stunning. I learned more about his interests in this project from another post by Ellen Barry in the Lens Section of the New York Times.
Dmitry’s interest in the St. Petersburg-to-Moscow journey dated back to his school days, when read a book written in 1790 by Aleksandr Radishchev. He decided to recreate the journey when he reread the book two years ago, “in part to capture the vast differences between Russia‚Äôs cities and its hinterlands”.
I am fascinated by the back stories to the production of the interactive NYT stories. The Russia Left Behind story brings together:

  • Ellen (a Pulitzer Prize winner and NYT’s Moscow Bureau Chief)
  • Dmitry (freelance professional photographer living in Paris)
  • Ben (a video and photo journalist living in Istanbul)
  • Mike (a Garnett Foundation Award winner and open source advocate)
  • Shan (interactive graphic designer and programer)
  • Leslye (Multimedia Portfolio of the Year winner, visual journalist)



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