Narration and Narrative Form 02

#ds106 is For Leaves
This is a brief follow up post to some ideas I shared earlier this week in my Narration and Narrative Form post.
My Paper.Li aggregator brought me these links today:

Stories ignite our imagination, let us leap over cultural walls and cross the barriers of time. Stories affirm who we are, and allow us to experience the similarities between ourselves and others, real or imagined. Stories help us make meaning of our lives. In this hour, TED speakers explore the art of storytelling — and how good stories have the power to transform our perceptions of the world.

ds106 has been selected as one of the five innovators in Open Education. To prepare for the Reclaim Open Learning Symposium on September 27, we want to give the audience a sense of who are the people that are ds106.

You can find more information about ds106 here. I think the handbook for ds106 is a wonderful resource.
The Fall 2013 ds106 course started in late August. I liked the call for helpers:

We are looking for volunteers, guilt-free to be part of the helper squad for the Headless course. To be clear, you are not signing up to teach or lead, you are volunteering to do whatever you are inclined to encourage participation– more of a sweet perhaps nagging cheerleader role. Choose your level of participation to include (not exhaustive list):

  • introduce the topic and write about it in your own blog
  • encourage and connect people via twitter, G+
  • run a google hangout, ds106 radio broadcast to discuss the topic
  • do the assignments and share them
  • make tutorials
  • help us identify assignments we should remove
  • share resources, tips, tutorials (looking at some delicious tagging too)
  • highlight the work of others
  • nag and tease Jim Groom

You do not need to be expert at a topic, just interested in it. You do not need experience un ds106. We can have more than one per topic. And if no one volunteers, the content is all there, the show goes on.

All these finds underscore for me the remarkable agnostic options we have for students to narrate and give a form to their our learning journeys.

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#ds106 is For Leaves (Alan Levine, CC BY-SA 2.0)


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