Box'Tag SOOC

IMG_0682I have spent much of today working with Paul Perkins, Allan Hahn and Daniel Perkins.
We have been finalising the content for a new Small Open Online Course (SOOC): An Introduction to Box’Tag.
We are using the OpenLearning platform for the course.
It is a five-week course. We have a sequence of content to present:

  • Start Here (Week 1)
  • Competition (Week 2)
  • Training (Week 3)
  • Planning (Week 4)
  • Technical Training and Physical Preparation (Week 5)

IMG_0647We spent the day in the University of Canberra’s Teaching Commons. By the end of the day we had a substantial part of the content mapped out with week 1 fully uploaded.
There is a Manual for the course and we have allocated a Creative Commons 3.0 license to it.
It is available here Box’Tag Information Guide 2.1 for download.
I have found the opportunity to work on a collaborative project very instructive. Paul and Allan’s energy has inspired me.
There is an Open Access paper about the technological origins of Box’Tag. It is available here.


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