Critical Care Nursing: Sharing Insights

I had the good fortune to work with some remarkable critical care nurses today.
We were exploring how to develop a Wikiversity resource to support continuing professional development.
I feel more comfortable each time I use Wikiversity but I have lots to learn. I am hoping that this project will help me do so.
James Neill is helping with the back office part of this project and the whole idea is the brainchild of Holly Northam.
I am hopeful that this project will have the energy exuded by Ian Miller in his blogging.
Ian aims with his eclectic mix of reflections, tutorials and articles to:

educate, to stimulate some introspection, to inform and amuse. More importantly, they are offered in the hope that they might be used as a jumping off point to inspire other nurses to think about their own practice, to explore the latest research, best practice guidelines, and to search out and deepen their knowledge, improving the quality of care they deliver.


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