@Inspireoz for an eportfolio workshop

Shane Nuessler is facilitating an eportfolio workshop in the InSPIRE Centre at the University of Canberra this afternoon.

Some proposed outcomes for the workshop are:
  • Locate an existing professional portfolio relevant to you and deconstruct by identifying and extracting key concepts and features.
  • Plan your own professional portfolio by integrating and organising the key concepts and features you have identified, as well as any other concepts and features you wish to integrate.
  • Identify the range and types of tools available for portfolio implementation and choose one that suits your needs.
  • Begin construction of your own professional portfolio.
  • Identify good practices for application in your own eportfolio teaching strategies.

The workshop is taking place as the InSPIRE Centre is completing preparations for a grand opening next Monday. These preparations include the installation of a Hiperwall.

The awesome @Hiperwall coming to INSPIRE soon … just ask @munnerley@rfitzgerald

The workshop comes at the end of a semester when 70 students on the #SCP12 unit have developed their own eportfolios.
Their collective efforts have been curated on a Wikiversity page.



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