#5ACTC Day 1 Morning Session 2

The second session of the morning comprised three papers from Louise Rose, Peter Thompson, Jun Shao.
Louise discussed the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism’s Enhancing Australia’s Economic Prosperity through vibrant tourism.
Peter shared information about infrastucture for cyclists in Canberra. He included discussion of the maintenance of cycle paths, Plan Your Ride and the development of on-road cycling routes.
Jun was the third and final presenter of the morning. She discussed social media use in China. She noted the scale of microblogging in China and the use of Sino Weibo, and Go2eu.com.
Nina shared her netnographic research from Sino Weibo content. She noted that a content analysis of those using microsharing reveals six themes:

  • Sharing activities whilst cycling at a specific location
  • Sharing feelings whilst cycling at a specific location
  • Sharing emotions related to general cycling experience
  • Showing cycling equipment
  • Posting cycling pictures whilst travelling (mainly in Europe)
  • Sharing the desire to participate in a cycling tour

This session prompted a lot of excellent questions that extended into informal lunch time conversations.


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