#5ACTC Day 1 Afternoon Session

Craig Grocke was first up after lunch on Day 1 of the Cycling Tourism Conference at the University of Canberra.
His keynote address was titled The Chicken or the Egg? Which one is responsible for the success of Cycle Tourism in South Australia?

Craig shared some fascinating insights into the development of Cycle Tourism in South Australia.
He was followed by Ray Freeman and Stephen Schwer.
Ray provided background information about mountain bike tourism in British Columbia and considered community development through critical success factors.
Stephen had the engaging title to his paper Falling in Love Again: Helping government to fall in love again with cycle tourism. He shared his experience of becoming a grumpy old man about cycle tourism (What happened to governments’ commitments to cycle tourism (falling out of love)?).
Stephen looked at the current situation and used the Southern Flinders Rail Trail proposal as a case study. Responses to the submission by funding bodies included: not detailed enough; not considered on a technicality. Stephen looked at how funding agencies might fall back in love with cycling tourism.


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