Braidwood, Artisan Bread, Great Coffee and Slow Food

I live near Braidwood in New South Wales.
Each Saturday morning our family invades the Dojo Bakery in the town.
The Dojo Bakery is located in one of Braidwood’s oldest buildings. It has housed a brewery, a garage and stables, and has been a workers’ cottage. We sit outside, enjoy the produce and delight in the coffee made by Anders.
We like the personal care in making bread and coffee at Dojo’s. It is a wonderful convivial space and prompts me to think even more about the articulation of service and contexts to support learning.
Bronwyn Richards and Helen Lynch add to the delight with their food stall. “Nearly every week Wynlen House sells vegies and preserves from a small stall in the laneway leading to the Dojo Artisan Bakery off Wallace Street, Braidwood, NSW. We sell whatever is ready from the garden focusing on a little of everything rather than a lot of something.”
Bronwyn and Helen use organic and permaculture principles with lots of loving care in their large kitchen garden.¬†Their aim is “to produce as much of the food we consume as possible and to supply food locally”.¬† They keep chooks, ducks and turkeys for both egg laying and meat production and raise sheep and pigs from time to time.
We love their produce and their commitment to slow food.
Dojo’s and Wynlen House are great examples of what passion can make happen. Their proximity is symbiosis in action.
Last Saturday I was fascinated to see that Helen had created a QR Code for Wynlen House. At the time I was taking my picture of the QR Code there were two other people doing the same.
This is the Wynlen House QR Code:

The code gives those who want it a direct link to the Wynlen House website on their iPhone or Android. Bronwyn and Helen are planning to have QR code T shirts too.
If you are travelling through Braidwood your directions are “just look down the laneway next to the Pizzeria, and you will find the familiar Dojo Bread sign decorating the baker’s van” … and the Wynlen House produce table.
Photo Credit
Bronwyn and Helen


  1. Enjoyed your post Keith and we are also big fans of Dojos. They even let you take your dogs into the courtyard.

    • Anne
      Thanks for finding the post. I thought this was the kind of vibrant community that we discussed.
      Best wishes


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