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I received an alert today via a LinkedIn group about a Performa Sports App.
I discovered that “Performa Sports is the performance analysis tool that gives analysts, coaches and players the edge”.
The availability of applications like this is offering real-time opportunities for observation + support for coaches and players. It has been fascinating to watch the transition from real-time hand notation systems to ubiquitous digital tools that generate data rich resources.
I thought I would use the term ‘observation +’ to describe tools that provide real-time and near real-time augmented information. This observation + domain is no longer the sole preserve of performance analysts.
Here in Australia, for example, FoxSports is offering viewers of theirĀ A-League and Big Bash League coverage some powerful real-time tools.

Big Bash League

Each of these applications shares rich data about performance.
The A-League App has a video replay option:

and a range of data that can be used for real-time or subsequent secondary data analysis.
The Big Bash League App shares a range of data visualisation tools:
As I watch people use these Apps and see the flourishing of digital media I sometimes think back to the start of my involvement in this analysis of performance space and the use of cine film!
Some key issues for me in this observation + time:

  1. How do we support real-time live observation?
  2. How do we filter the volume of material available for reflection?
  3. What do we know about the effectiveness of these media for personal learning environments?

One of my research priorities in 2012 will be the exploration of the use of observation + tools. I am going to look very closely at the multiple intelligences and learning styles literature and practice.
I would like to share some ethnographies of learning to explore observation + behaviour.
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