Mobility and Engagement

On my way home the other day I listened to a Radio National Artworks program.
The discussion was about the show en route  a the creation of a group One Step At A Time Like This.
The ideas discussed took me back to my days at Dartington College of Arts in the late 1980s and early 90s when I had access to some remarkable performance artists and installations. I remember one student examination piece in particular. It involved a journey of discovery around the Dartington Hall Gardens.
I was delighted to discover that Leigh Blackall had heard the program too and I enjoyed his blog post Situated art, situated learning. I noted in particular Leigh’s use of a William Hanks quote:

… learning is a way of being in the social world, not a way of coming to know about it. Learners, like observers more generally, are engaged both in the contexts of their learning and in the broader social world within which these contexts are produced. Without this engagement, there is no learning, and where the proper engagement is sustained, learning will occur.

As I was reflecting on these thoughts I happened to hear a great interview on another Radio National program, Bush Telegraph. Centrelink on the Road is a great example of a mobile service to the community. I was fascinated by Kath Sacks and Debra Inskip’s discussion of their work.
I found the juxtaposition of en route and Centrelink semi-trailers delightful and was charmed by the passion that drove both groups.
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Dartington Hall 05


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