"We stand most securely when we stand connected"

Stephen Downes’ OLDaily (23 March) led me today to a detailed post by Mark Pesce, The Unfinished Project: Exploration, Learning and Networks. I was delighted to read Mark’s synthesis in the post and I think he has wonderful educational insights to share and prompt. I am committed totally to the centrality of play in learning and Clyde Street has been founded on the ludic dimensions of culture.
I finished my reading of Mark’s post and savoured his concluding statement “we stand most securely when we stand connected”. By wonderful synchronicity just at that moment I received an alert from a YouTube channel that I am monitoring.
A video of Sam Lazarides’ (Ascot Canoe Club, Western Australia) performance at Australian Canoeing’s Sprint Nationals has had 227 views. I think his experience of canoeing demonstrates much of the ludic dimension to which Mark refers and that is vital to leaners.

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Boy Scouts


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