Centre for Research and Action in Public Health (CeRAPH)

The University of Canberra has a hidden treasure, the Centre for Research and Action in Public Health (CeRAPH). In the past few months the Faculty of Health and the University have recruited two leading researchers to guide the Centre’s development. Rachel Davey is the Director of the Centre and Professor of Health Research. Helen Berry is Rachel’s senior research colleague in the Centre.
Rachel and Helen have produced a five year strategic vision for CeRAPH that is framed by three goals:

  1. Excellence in health promotion and wellbeing research
  2. Engagement with communities of practice
  3. Dynamic alignment of research priorities

CeRAPH’s research focus will be on:

  • Chronic disease prevention throughout the lifespan
  • Environmental, economic, cultural and psycho-social determinants of health
  • Translation of research findings to policy, practice and service delivery for patient care and community health

I like the Centre’s focus on interprofessional research teams and believe that many other research clusters can benefit from an innovative approach to interdisciplinary sharing and exploration. (The added bonus for CeRAPH is that ACT Health has a strong philosophical commitment to interprofessional learning.) I think such research is the key to the translation of evidence into practice that is entirely fitting for a Centre for Research and Action.

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  1. Dear Keith
    It is such a pleasure to be assocaited with you and to be part of the excitment that your thinking engenders.

  2. Gday mate,
    Good post. I could not agree more with people chasing this integrated, inter-professional approach.
    Sport has been very very slow on the uptake of this concept and has even aggressively resisted it in some quarters – and as one who has been writing, talking and preaching about the cross disciplinary approach to performance enhancement since 1995, it is exciting to see people running hard with the philosophy.


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