Writing Week: Day 2

A number of projects were underway on Day 2 of the Writing Week in the Faculty of Health at the University of Canberra.

Some examples of work in progress include:

  • A review paper on normalisation of EMG in sport to be updated with anymore current literature.
  • A research article on the effects of different muscle actions on laterality as indicated through EMG.
  • Processing data from the initial project from an AIS/University of Canberra strength and conditioning collaboration. (A retrospective analysis of performance and anthropometric data in the twelve months prior to the Beijing Olympics.)
  • Ecstasy users are not biased towards endorsing somatic mental health symptoms: Results from a general community sample.
  • Ecstasy use and verbal memory performance and the role of previously unexplored confounders in the relationship.
  • Factors that will encourage Australians to make better use of meat.
  • Polishing up a paper that is almost complete and submittting it to a journal.
  • Writing up the background to a piece of planned research and submitting ethics applications.
  • Completion of a paper for a professional practice project including a mind map MMFHWW.
  • GPS data analysis.

One colleague wrote to me at length about writing. I think the points made underscore just how important collaborative work and support are.

I finalised a draft last night of a paper last night following advice yesterday from Louise. I sent it last night to my co-authors and I feel proud (and not sick about it which is an achievement in itself!)
I had a paper rejected a few years ago and was shattered. After the session yesterday, I have realised I probably aimed too high in terms of the journal it went to and I am actually happy that it got past the editor! Learning about the process was invaluable and at about 4am this morning I decided I should have another look at that paper.
I am sharing the tips I have learnt and applied this week with my Honours students who are currently preparing a first draft of their papers from their theses this year. I find this in particular, very exciting and love that I can help foster their own writing development. I need to apply that same sense of enthusiasm to my own work.
The best thing so far has been the sense of camaraderie and support from those involved in the writing week.

In the afternoon, Helen Carter of the University’s Teaching and Learning Centre gave an informal presentation about Preparing a Grant Application. 2009 Presentation Helen discussed applications for Teaching Development Grants and focused specifically on the Australian Learning and Teaching Council program.

(Helen has over 26 years experience working in Higher Education and extensive experience in educational innovation and its practical implementation. In her various roles she has been and continues to be a catalyst for promoting interest and developments in teaching, learning, research and technical support. She is the founding editor of the Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice (JUTLP), published by the University of Wollongong, Australia. The Journal publishes papers that describe effective and innovative teaching and learning practice in the higher education environment. Since 1993 she has been involved with the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ascilite). Her contribution to the Society has been recognised by a fellowship and lifelong membership. She is also an executive member of the Australasian Council of Open, Distance and e-Learning (ACODE) and a member of the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). She has an active interest in educational leadership focusing on the management, governance and support issues surrounding the organisation of e-learning and e-teaching in the higher education sector. She consciously promotes conversation in higher education concerning useful strategies and techniques for making good educational materials and for setting up the frameworks for this to be nurtured and encouraged.)

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