A Fourth Age of Sports Institutes

Some time ago I started a post about my presentation to IASI in Canberra in March 2009.
I have a draft of my presentation at Slideshare. I am having some difficulty with the bandwidth available to me out at Mongarlowe and am still to add a Slidecast to the presentation.
It is a draft and will change as the IASI Congress unfolds. I am enormously indebted to Stephen Downes, George Siemens and my colleagues in CCK08 for helping me to accelerate my thinking in such an open way.
This is the updated Slideshare (7 March):
[slideshare id=1108286&doc=afourthageofsportsinstitutes-090305170059-phpapp02]

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This is a link to a Scribd archive of the presentation on 12 March. It contains all acknowledgements and references used.


  1. Keith, This is wonderful and insightful. I am wondering if you are interested in uploading this onto the ConnectivismEducationLearning Ning Community or even posting your blog there. You are welcomed to do so. As explained at the start of the Ning intiative, we could use it as a platform for collaboration with other Communities (such as your Sports Institutes). If you think it’s appropriate, please feel free to share your learning there. I think this will enlighten our community members and encourage community learning. What do you think?
    Thanks so much for the nice presentaion. Great food for thoughts.

  2. This is excellent!! Thank you keith. I also have just finished the CCK08 course and started my journey through connectivism. I have been collaborating with librarians so want to share your work and references .
    Is it ok if I show some of your slides to them and take your style to illustrate what we have been doing in college-child care department in Warwickshire England.?
    if you have the references all sorted will you mail them to me please?Bit cheeky but they will be more accurate .
    Good luck with your work,very interesting.


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