CCK08: Wayfinding

It has been fascinating to read the growing number of blogged reflections on CCK08. (We have had an enormous amount of reflection in action on the course to date.)
In the last week of the course I have been thinking about post-CCK08 wayfinding.
I was interested to read of the ABC Radio Nationals’ My Street project. My Street:

is more than 100 stories told from real and imagined streets around Australia and across the globe. They capture the emotions, tensions and joy that people feel about the street they live in. The stories were created by the public using digital technology and are told in; text, video, audio only, photos, slideshows and computer animation.

I wondered whether this format might be of interest to CCK08 participants. There is a map to accompany the stories.
The ABC has another innovation to share too. It has established a Fora page that is:

the result of an editorial partnership between the ABC and US web group Combining content sourced by the ABC from talks events all over Australia with the international material provided by, ABC Fora will bring you the most engaging and interesting speeches and debates from all over the world.

Another part of my wayfinding has been to follow up on my dormant membership of Edna’s service. This looks a rich context for CCK08 types!
CCK08 has been a vibrant and dynamic catalyst for my own professional development. I think I am more of a seeker than ever!


  1. I like that “more a seeker” than ever, I will use it myself. I have read all Harry Potter books in English because my son wanted to get them so… youn people in Finland can speak English it is normal in their lives..


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