SIRC launches Blog and Facebook Page

Via Greg Blood (NSIC, Canberra)
The Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) has announced the launch of a blog and Facebook page and group.
This is the link to the blog.
Background information from the press release on 18 November 2008:
Founded in 1973, SIRC is a private, not-for-profit corporation based in Ottawa, Canada with over 6.5 million pages of sport research in its collection. SIRC’s clients consist of international, national and provincial sporting organizations, sports medicine associations and educational institutions committed to the development of sport. … SIRC is known worldwide as the creator of the SPORTDiscus Database, SIRC Document Delivery and author of the SIRC Thesaurus. SIRC offers services in the areas of indexing, research, communication, education and knowledge management. In addition, SIRC manages several programs that inspire, acknowledge and celebrate academic and sport excellence.


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