Pattern Recognition

A picture of rugby players in a pre-season training session in Canberra
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I concluded the MailChimp email with this observation:

… the more we know about informatics and analytics processes, the more we can have critical insights into developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Otherwise we end up with a black box model of performance observation and analysis.

This is a very long way from Lloyd Messersmith‘s and Charles Reep‘s methodologies. I think we are connected to them in a digital age by our shared passion for observing, notating and analysing performance.
Lloyd, Charles and the godmothers of performance analysis provide the foundations of what we do today.
They provided some of the earliest permanent records of performance that have enabled us to contemplate what we or others put into black boxes to analyse performance.
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Photo Credit

Pre-season in Canberra (Keith Lyons, CC BY 4.0)