Returning to Charles, Bernard … and Richard

I have returned to my Charles Reep Project this week.

I have been re-reading Charles and Bernard’s 1968 paper, Skill and Chance in Association Football.

I have been focussing on their data. This led me to a revision of the data they shared as Table 2 in 1968 as Table 1 in Charles, Richard (Pollard) and Bernard’s 1971 paper, Skill and Chance in Ball Games.

As I re-read the papers, I was thinking about how we might visualise these data now.

I have transcribed the data from the 1968 paper and the 1971 re-working of Table 2 (as Table 1 in 1971) onto this Google Sheet.

I have created a GitHub repository for these data.

The following files are available:

I am hopeful these raw data might be of interest to a range of people interested in the origins of conversations about goal scoring in association football.

On re-reading the 1968 and 1971 papers, it struck me that their methodologies and data could form the focus of a short open course in which we might explore:

  • Real-time observation
  • Notation
  • Lapsed-time observation
  • Data presentation
  • Data re-presentation
  • Visualisation
  • Impact of research on practice

It would be fascinating to link Charles’ contemporaries with present day practice … and add to our understanding of performance.

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