Personal Learning

I dropped off the distribution list for OLDaily.
I am not sure how this happened. I was gone for two weeks. My personal learning environment changed. I thought Stephen was on holiday.

I am back on the list and reading Stephen’s news with an early morning coffee from The Albion Cafe.
A picture of the Albion Cafe, Braidwood, available at the Cafe's website.
A link in one of today’s new items took me back to a presentation in 2014.
The personal service I receive at The Albion resonates with Stephen’s 2014 presentation (Personal Learning in a Networked World). Some thoughts:

  • The personal isn’t designed. It is based on self-organization. (Slide 30)
  • Hashtag networks can be seen as self-organizing ideas. (Slide 34)
  • The edge is becoming more important than the node. (Slide 35)
  • We are moving beyond institutions … toward a cooperative knowing society based on networked knowledge. (Slide 72)

Perhaps it is that time of the day, but I see strong connections between a local cafe making my coffee as I like it, engaging in conversation about my tastes and connecting me with ethical coffee practices and a world of learning that I create and co-create in open opportunities to learn. The baristas push my proximal learning by suggesting new blends.

A picture of the Fickle pickle from the cafe's Facebook page.
At other times of the day I find coffee elsewhere in town at the Fickle Pickle. The atmosphere there is much more intimate and makes conversation easy. It is a place to share stories. I find myself thinking about conviviality and Ivan Illich’s ‘convivial society’ in which social arrangements “guarantee for each member the most ample and free access to the tools of the community”.
Fascinating where re-engagement with a daily newsletter can take you.


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