AFL 2011: Winning from behind in the regular season

This is a companion post to NRL 2011: Winning from behind in the regular season.

I am interested in the ability to win in invasive team games.

This season I have looked at winning behaviours in association football, Australian rules football, rugby league and rugby union.

In this post I list those teams in this year’s AFL fixtures in Australia who were able to overcome a deficit within a game to win in the regular season (before the finals’ rounds). The measure of a deficit was at the end of a quarter and does not reflect in every case the scale of a come back within a quarter.

In the table below the first named team overcame a deficit to win. There were three drawn games in the regular season.

To WinTeamOpponentRound
36Sunsv TigersRound 17
32Hawthornv SaintsRound 8
30Magpiesv CrowsRound 9
28Sunsv Port AdelaideRound 5
27Port Adelaidev CrowsRound 4
25Melbournev LionsRound 3
24Kangaroosv DemonsRound 8
23Magpiesv EssendenRound 19
22Bulldogsv CrowsRound 13
22Richmondv N MelbourneRound 5
20Geelongv SunsRound 10
19Crowsv HawthornRound 1
19Hawthornv MelbourneRound 2
18Hawthornv DockersRound 11
17Geelongv HawksRound 12
17Swansv EssendenRound 2
16Essendenv Port AdelaideRound 23
16Tigersv CrowsRound 23
15Saintsv CarltonRound 24
15Essendenv EaglesRound 7
14Crowsv SunsRound 8
14Carltonv SwansRound 6
14Carltonv RichmondRound 1
13Eaglesv LionsRound 23
13Crowsv LionsRound 20
13Essendenv SwansRound 20
13Brisbanev N MelbourneRound 9
13Geelongv St KildaRound 1
12Kangaroosv RichmondRound 24
12Hawthornv N MelbourneRound 20
12Kangaroosv BulldogsRound 17
12Swansv N MelbourneRound 10
12Geelongv CarltonRound 9
11Hawthornv SunsRound 24
11Carltonv KangaroosRound 19
11Freemantlev BrisbaneRound 14
11Lionsv CrowsRound 10
11Geelongv MagpiesRound 8
10Swansv St KildaRound 22
10Eaglesv CrowsRound 12
10Collingwoodv BulldogsRound 6
10Hawthornv EaglesRound 4
10Freemantlev BrisbaneRound 1
9Essendenv TigersRound 16
9Richmondv BrisbaneRound 13
8Richmondv DemonsRound 22
8Richmondv SwansRound 21
8Geelongv BrisbaneRound 17
8Lionsv Port AdelaideRound 15
8Hawthornv Port AdelaideRound 7
8Geelongv HawksRound 5
7Geelongv MagpiesRound 24
7Collingwoodv LionsRound 22
7Crowsv SwansRoung 15
7Demonsv EssendenRound 11
7Geelongv SwansRound 4
6Swansv LionsRound 24
6Richmondv LionsRound 6
6Swansv EaglesRound 3
5Freemantlev SunsRound 15
5Carltonv Port AdelaideRound 11
5Hawksv SwansRound 9
5Saintsv LionsRound 5
4Port Adelaidev DemonsRound 24
4Carltonv St KildaRound 7
4Swansv BulldogsRound 7
3Eaglesv DockersRound 18
3Bulldogsv CarltonRound 16
3Kangaroosv Port AdelaideRound 14
3Geelongv SaintsRound 13
3Essendenv LionsRound 8
3Essendenv BulldogsRound 1
2Tigersv DockersRound 7
2Eaglesv N MelbourneRound 1
1Eaglesv EssendenRound 22
1Tigersv EssendenRound 9
1Magpiesv CarltonRound 3
To Draw
18Carltonv EssendenRound 4
14Melbournev SwansRound 1
14Richmondv SaintsRound 2
7Saintsv RichmondRound 2

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AFL Kangaroos v Magpies

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