Connecting understanding, learning and performance pre-view

Introduction Earlier this week on Clyde Street, I discussed coach learning. In this post, I look at some of the scaffolding that might support coaches’ learning experiences. I am sharing them here as thoughts in progress. I am particularly interested in exploring: Understanding Performance pre-view Warrant and how they relate to the celebration of personal … Continue reading Connecting understanding, learning and performance pre-view

Caring Enough

Yesterday, I took part in the Teaching and Learning Centre’s #eBreakthrough Workshop at the University of Canberra. Peter Copeman and Jen Smith facilitated the workshop. I have written about two colleagues’ presentations at the workshop. Bernie Bissett shared her work with Voice Thread in her discussions with students about palliative care. Lubna Alam was the … Continue reading Caring Enough

Time Lauds

I have been receiving news of Alexis Lebedew’s visit to Nauru. I really like the way Alexis writes and I have found his six part journal, about delivering a coaching course, compelling reading. In Part 6 he wrote: I have to admit I found Nauru time in equal parts frustrating and entertaining.  But in the … Continue reading Time Lauds