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I had an extended opportunity this morning to follow up on some of my Twitter feeds.
I am thinking about visualisation at the moment so my follow ups reflect this topic.
In order of my discoveries today:
Semantic Web Applications
Charles Wankel and Agata Stachowicztanusch (eds.).
“The Web is evolving from a place where a prodigious amount of text and images are stored to a place where educational and other needs are serviced”. This book shares pedagogic applications of the semantic Web.
Storytelling with Data
Cole Knaflic
Doing good with data and analytics
Jim Davis
“If you’re an analyst or data scientist with an interest in using analytics to improve the quality of our lives, consider volunteering your skills for organizations like DataKind and DataLook. Or seek out humanitarian projects on sites like Kaggle.
Player Usage in the Football League
Experimental 3-6-1
“I’ve covered two things here: firstly how many players each club has used – and started – in their league matches this season, and secondly how old their starting line-ups have been on average.”
Objective Football
Interactive Visualizations Week 12
Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems
“FIFA, together with The International Football Association Board (IFAB), is inviting producers of electronic performance and tracking systems (EPTS), including wearable and camera-based technologies, to present their systems to both organisations. Details on possible quality criteria, testing procedures and preventive medical benefits for players will be discussed at meetings taking place during the week of 16 November.”
101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication
Jeroen Bosman and Bianca Kramer
“Almost half of the tools in our database of scholarly communication tools were created since 2013. The rate at which new tools appear to a certain degree reflects the relative ease with which one can create online tools.”

Photo Credits

Frame Grab (FIFA, 2015)
Scholarly Communication Tools (Jeroen Bosman and Bianca Kramer)


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