I have not written many posts in the past two months. I have been a peripheral participant in many conversations and have admired from afar the insights and wisdom being shared. This week a post from Stephen Downes was a catalyst for this post about c-ness. Stephen linked to Dan Pontefract’s post The Organisation as … Continue reading c-ness

#UCSIA15 Connecting and Sharing Macro and Micro Perspectives

Introduction We are three weeks away from the start of #UCSIA15, a free, open, online course that will share experiences of sport informatics and analytics. The course aspires to be a connectivist course. Stephen Downes (2012) notes that in  a connectivist course “the content does not define the course”. He adds: By navigating the content … Continue reading #UCSIA15 Connecting and Sharing Macro and Micro Perspectives

Conversations and Cooperation in #UCSIA15

Introduction We are two months away from the start of the open online course Sport Informatics and Analytics (#UCSIA15). My colleagues in the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) at the University of Canberra and I are working to ensure that we have everything in place for the 23 February start date. The course is being … Continue reading Conversations and Cooperation in #UCSIA15