Stephen Downes and Jeanette Winterson

Last week had a double bonus! Stephen Downes shared his video of his talk Light, Agile and Flexible: Collaborating the Web 2.0 Way. The slides of his talk at the Innovations in e-Learning Conference, Fairfax, VA are here. Stephen’s OLDaily post about the talk is here. He observed that it was a “somewhat chaotic presentation … Continue reading Stephen Downes and Jeanette Winterson

Aruba, Darrell, Stephen and Max

Early this morning I was looking at some information about my blog. I have been thinking about open sharing after receiving an invitation from Darrell Cobner to write about blogging. WordPress offers a range of information about blog visits. For the first time the geo-locator utility showed that Clyde Street had received three visits from … Continue reading Aruba, Darrell, Stephen and Max

One size fits one

Stephen Downes shared a paper about learning in today’s OLDaily (link). He wrote: The first sentence of this paper makes me want to reframe the learning styles debate. Here’s the sentence: “It has been proven that adopting the ‘one size fits one’ approach has better learning outcomes than the ‘one size fits all’ one.” Given … Continue reading One size fits one