Jo Gibson: Leadership Followership

I am delighted that my role at the University of Canberra makes it possible for me to supervise research students. One of the students I am working with is Jo Gibson. Jo presented her PhD Confirmation Seminar today. The title was intriguing: Leadership followership: A storied process study of entanglement and nursing practice. These are … Continue reading Jo Gibson: Leadership Followership

A Fra Mauro kind of week

Fra Mauro was a cartographer. He lived in the Republic of Venice in the fifteenth century. I found out about him in James Cowan’s (1997) A Mapmaker’s Dream. In that account, Fra Mauro welcomed visitors from all over the world in his monastery and used their news to develop his map of the world. I … Continue reading A Fra Mauro kind of week

Coaching Ideas

Two fragments came together yesterday and sent me off thinking about coaching. The first came in an email message from Jo Gibson. She is writing up her PhD at the moment and we have been discussing narrative forms. In her email, Jo shared a description of a short story as: something glimpsed from the corner … Continue reading Coaching Ideas