My son, Sam, has just written a post about systems and networks (link). I found the post really interesting in a paternal sense and an epistemological sense. The paternal part of me is delighted to read a blog post by Sam and to learn about his observations and reflections as a member of the #INF537 … Continue reading Networks

Microcontent: narratives and attention

How do online courses engage learners? Alan Levine explores this issue in a post titled Seeking Answers: Can a Narrative Tie a Course Together? (link). He asks “what would it take to apply a storytelling approach in courses outside ones about storytelling”. Alan’s discussion has its roots in his experiences, with Jim Groom, in the … Continue reading Microcontent: narratives and attention

Thinking about course design

I have been thinking about designing University courses in an age of open educational resources. My particular interest at the moment is the combination of data science and sport analytics. I keep returning to the idea of a ‘pedagogical technologist‘ able to offer ‘structured exposure’ to learners who might not otherwise choose to attend university. … Continue reading Thinking about course design