#BBL 2019-2020: Regular Season


The Big Bash Regular Season concluded on the 27th January with the Renegades’ defeat of the Heat (link) by seven wickets with four balls remaining.

During the Regular Season, there were forty-two games in which the result was decided without a Duckworth-Lewis rate being set. In these games, the median winning score was 168 runs and thee median losing score was 148 runs. The median rate set by the team batting first was 17 runs per wicket.

A ggplot of winning and losing scores:

The two outliers in this plot are the Stars v Scorchers (a rate of 9 runs per wicket) and the Hirricanes v Strikers (a rate of 22 runs per wicket).

When to Bat?

Of the forty two games played without a Duckworth-Lewis Rate, the winning team batted first 22 times and second 22 times. The data suggest that teams won when batting second when a low rate was set:

Games were won by a team batting first that was able to set a high rate:

Teams found it difficult to chase down a high rate.

Photo Credit

Dan Christian (Pawan Kumar, Twitter)


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