Decision intelligence

Cassie Kozyrkov has been writing about decision intelligence (link). She noted that decision intelligence was a new discipline that “brings together the best of applied data science, social science, and managerial science into a unified field that helps people use data to improve their lives”.

Cassie proposes that decision intelligence is “the discipline of turning information into better actions at any scale”.

In her post, she defines some terms:

A decision: any selection between options by any entity.

A decision-maker: the person who is responsible for decision architecture and context framing.

Decision-making: taking an action when there were alternative options and taking responsibility for decisions.

Cassie notes that we use cognitive heuristics to save time and effort. In this regard she considers us satisficers rather than optimisers. In her discussion of facts she observes “data science gets interesting when you’re forced to make leaps beyond the data”.

Cassie observes of decision intelligence:

It brings together diverse perspectives on decision-making which make all of us stronger, together, and gives them a new voice that’s free of the traditional constraints of their originating fields of study.

Cassie’s discussion of decision intelligence is part of her wider consideration of data science. Many of her posts are shared on Medium including her Starting an AI Project (link). It also resonates with much of the present discussion about data, decisions and sport.

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