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During the broadcast coverage of #RWC2019, I have had an opportunity to see a number of adverts that I might not otherwise see. One of them is a Le Bron James Sprite advert from 2017.

In it Le Bron telling us he’s NOT going to tell us to drink Sprite even though he is being paid to do so. Rather he asks Do you wanna Sprite?

I really liked the idea that Le Bron asked a question rather than issued a directive. It made me think about how we communicate with coaches to share the insights we have observed as analysts in the data we have collected.

By coincidence Google has brought out a study on leadership. Poppy Noor (2019) (link) noted “Google released its first list, which included eight traits of a good manager, in 2011 and has been updating and refining the list ever since”. This year Google has a list of ten leadership behaviours.

  • A good coach
  • Empowers
  • Creates an inclusive environment
  • Productive
  • A good communicator
  • Supports career development and discusses performance
  • Has a clear strategy
  • Has technical skills
  • Collaborates
  • A strong decision maker

There are other characteristics to add to this list. For example, I am interested in the humility of leadership (link) and how this might enable us to frame Le Bron’s question and enhance our persuasiveness.

Google’s list has appeared as a number of Insights posts are being advertised. I think the combination of communication and visualisation raises important issues for analysts about how we might guide rather than prescribe.

I found Le Bron’s advert as powerful as Maroon 5’s Girls Like You (link) in encouraging me to think about the process of sharing.

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Le Bron James (Speaking Human)


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