#RWC2019: Group Games

The Group Games at the 2019 Rugby World Cup concluded with the Japan v Scotland fixture (link).

World Rugby provided data about each game. From these data, I recorded: penalties and free kicks conceded; kicks; passes; scrums: lineouts. My median profiles for the Group Games were:

  • Penalties and free kicks conceded: 16
  • Kicks: 58
  • Passes: 264
  • Scrums: 14
  • Lineouts: 25

I was also interested in ratio of passes to kicks and lineouts to scrums as a dynamic measure of each game (link). My median ratios for Group Games were: 4.55 passes to kicks and 1.79 lineouts to scrums. I used these ratios to derive a single number for each game to describe what kind of game it was. My median ratio for the Group Games was 2.55.

My ratios for the Group Games were:

Blue horizontal line is the median ratio of 2.55

Below the median:

Above the median:

Other data from the official website included officiating:

Passes and kicks in each of the Group Games:

Games with 300 or more passes:

Lineouts and scrums per Group Game:

Games with 30 or more lineouts:

Photo Credit

Japan v Scotland (World Rugby)


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