#RWC2019: using geom_hline

In my investigation of single numbers to characterise performance in #RWC2019, I have been using ggplot to visualise the data from World Rugby (link).

In the visualisation below, I was keen to look at outliers <1 and >4. I found four games. A fifth game, Australia v Fiji is a 1.20 game.

I used geom_hline() with a yintercept to draw lines at 1 and 4. For these lines I used the geom_hline() function, and specified a range for the lines, their colour and their size (link):

geom_hline(yintercept = range(1, 4), color=’coral’, size=1)

I included the original geom_hline() for the median ratio. My code for this was:

geom_hline(yintercept = 2.16)

I checked the accuracy of this median with median(df$Ratio) (the result was a median of 2.155 which I rounded up to 2.16.)

Photo Credit

Reaching to score (World Rugby)


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