#RWC2019 after 22 games

World Rugby provides data on each game palyed at RWC2019 (link). I am using these data to keep a record of the tournament ona Google Sheet (link).

I have used the data to help me explore R and to look carefully at colour blind palettes (link).

My record of the twenty-games played so far include these ggplots:

I used the geom_smooth () option to look at penalties and free kicks conceded. This example uses the glm method. I used it as an example of a generalised linear model with a small number of data points (link).

I had a look at the number of lineouts and scrums in a game. I used the size function in this visualisation

I looked at kicks and passes too in order to think about the flow of a game. So far the total passes in a game have ranged from 205 to 367.

My median data for the twenty-games are:

  • 16 penalties and free kicks conceded.
  • 60 kicks.
  • 260 passes.
  • 14 scrums
  • 25 lineouts

Photo Credit

Before the Game (Ian Freeman, Twitter)


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