#RWC2019 after nine games

Samoa defeated Russia 34 v 9 in the ninth game of the #RWC2019 tournament (link).

After nine games, some performance medians (from World Rugby data) are:

  • 15 Penalties Conceded
  • 61 Kicks
  • 258 Passes
  • 13 Scrums
  • 25 Lineouts

My ratio of Passes to Kicks is 4.23 and for Lineouts to Scrums 1.92.

I have used ggplot2 to visualise these data. I use the ratios to monitor the continuity of teams and their within-tournament adaptation to officiating.

As part of the measure of continuity, I am using World Rugby’s data on Penalties Conceded:

I will follow with interest how officials manage games and enable a flow of activity.

Photo Credit

This (Rugby World Cup,Twitter)


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