Type A game winning performance in rugby league

I noted in an earlier post that one of my particular interests in monitoring European football leagues is the identification of dominant game winning performances. I that post I used the example of Liverpool v Norwich in the opening day of the EPL season (link).

I look for the same dominant behaviours in NRL rugby league games. Last night, in the first week of the Finals, the Roosters demonstrated this behaviour in their game against the Rabbitohs (link) in front of a crowd of 30,000 at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The Roosters led 26v0 at half time and scored six tries to one. The NRL record is:

My visualisation of the scoring pattern is:

The NRL report of the game notes the Roosters produced “arguably their most clinical performance of the season” (link). It added “The Roosters … produced a masterclass”.

Photo Credit

Epic (James Smith, Twitter)

Carve Up! (NRL, Twitter)


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