Earlier today, Mara Averick shared news of Claus Wilke’s cowplot package (link). Claus has an introduction to the new features of cowplot (link) and a more detailed set of all vignettes (link).

Whenever Mara shares anything that might add to work in sport, I try to work through the package or process she shares.

I have done this with cowplot today and have created a very basic GitHub repository to support this exploration of the cowplot package (link). I have used a very brief example from the 2019 NRL season. I use Elo rating points as the basis of what I do here (link).

My csv file has four data points for one team: the highest Elo points recorded thus far; the median for this team this season; the lowest points recorded; and the current week (week 19).

My cowplots included the following worked examples:

The inclusion of a cowplot logo:

Changed Width of Side-By-Side Plots:

Two plots with a shared title:

I find it really helpful to work through examples in R Studio whenever possible. I am looking forward to exploring more of cowplot and Claus’s extremely helpful vignettes. I do see a lot of use of this package in my own work.


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