Paul's PhD

Paul Perkins has completed his response to three external examiners’ comments on his PhD. The title of his thesis is Can a modified, low-risk form of boxing achieve significant communiity uptake? (Link)

The final version of his thesis is availble on Issuu, a platform that “gives anyone with digitally bound content the ability to upload and distribute their publications worldwide” (link).

Paul’s Overview

Boxing has long been surrounded by debate. It has been subject to criticism on medical, legal, ethical and sociological grounds. Conversely, supporters argue that it is an excellent sport for physical fitness development, embodies egalitarianism, builds character, offers hope to depressed population sectors, has inherent aesthetic qualities and provides a cathartic outlet for emotions that otherwise could lead to anti-social activities. Recent years have seen small- scale emergence of modified versions of boxing aimed at retaining positive aspects of the sport but eliminating negative aspects. The research reported in this thesis was directed at determining whether such a version could attract substantial community uptake.

I was fascinated by the approach Paul took to this project. I see it as a great example of a qualitative action research project informed by some profound quantitative and technological issues. I am looking forward to the next step in this process and the arrival of Dr. Perkins.

I have particularly enjoyed observing Paul working closely with Allan Hahn (link). Theirs is a partnership forged over many years and by a shared fascination with the applied application of research findings. Their relationship is a model of critical friendship.


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