Elo ratings at #FIFAWWC 2019

The 2019 Women’s World Cup has concluded in France with the USA’s victory over the Netherlands in the final (link).

39 of the 52 games played were won by the higher Elo rated team. In the Group Stage, there were five games that were lost by the higher rated team:

  • Australia v Italy
  • Korea Republic v Nigeria
  • New Zealand v Cameroon
  • Canada v Netherlands
  • Thailand v Chile

Scotland drew 3v3 with Argentina. There were two 0v0 draws: Argentina v Japan; Spain v China PR.

In the Kockout Stage, there were five games lost by the higher Elo rated team:

  • Australia v Norway
  • Canada v Sweden
  • Japan v Netherlands
  • Germany v Sweden
  • England v Sweden

Photo Credit

Penalty (FIFA)


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