Women's World Cup Football 2019: seven group games

Banner for the official website.

The Women’s FIFA World Cup is underway in France. There is an official web site (link) to support the Tournament.

I have started to build a repository on GitHub (link) for the data generated by FIFA. I am using some very basic code for my RStudio record of the games played (link).

For my first look at the data, I have monitored: ball in play (in minutes); total game time (in minutes); and weather data. I am using FIFA as the accurate source of these data.

My three visualisations are:

Ball in Play by Country of Origin of Referee

Impact of Humidity on Game Time

Impact of Temperature on Game Time

I am hopeful that I will find lots of ways to explore the FIFA data. At the moment, I am particularly interested in game time played in minutes (a median time of 53 minutes after seven games). My Google Sheets (link) aims to share data from the Tournament and follows on from a format used in 2015 (link).


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