Microcontent: triads, facilitators and a micro-campus

Distant view

Stephen Downes (link) has been exploring microlearning in some of his recent newsletter postings.

Today he has linked to a Paul Greatrix post about the concept of a micro-campus connected to tertiary education’s outreach plans (link).

Stephen points out that in an earlier iteration of this discussion, Stephen himself has considered a triad model to explore this move to a facilitation of learning by a course broker (link).

In my particular area of interest, sport, I see enormous opportunities for co-operation and collaboration in this space. There are so many shared interests in designing and facilitating microlearning to a burgeoning sport ‘industry’ with the learner deciding ‘why?’, ‘when?’, ‘what?’ and ‘how?’

Photo Credit

Giovanni Corti on Unsplash


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