Braidwood Parkrun 27

It was the 27th Parkrun at Braidwood Showground today (link). The picture of a dad, son, pushchair and dog epitomises the delight people have in running at Braidwood on Saturday mornings.

Some competitors had to clear the first ice covering off their cars to get to the Showground for the 8am start.

The 27th Parkrum was led by Paul and his highland terrier dog. Together they managed a time of 24 min 02s. The final participant arrived 30 minutes later. Eight parkrunners had achieved a personal best this morning. The youngest participant was 8 years old, the oldest 58.

Afterwards, a number of volunteers and participants adjourned to a local cafe to end an energising morning with a hot drink and conversation. They will all be back next week, wrapped up a little warmer pursuing the excitement of a personal best.

I have a record of all the Parkruns under 40 minutes in duration (385 runs) for 2018 (link). These are available to anyone interested as are all the results from Baidwood (link).

Photo Credit

Keith Lyons (CC BY 4.0)


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