Saying goodbye to Malcolm and walking him to the corner

Yesterday, the Braidwood community celebrated and gave thanks for the life of a beautiful, gentle man, Malcolm Reynoldson.
St Andrew’s Church was packed for his funeral service. Malcolm was at the heart of our community.
There were some wonderful pictures in the order of service and they made me think about the memories we have of each other. The picture on the front was how I remember, Malcolm … in addition to the sage advice he gave me about gardening and life in general.
The back page of the order of service shared his life as a family man.

After a a very sensitive service at the church, those present were invited to walk with Malcolm’s coffin from the church to the corner of Elrington Street to see him off on his journey.
I thought this was a wonderful idea and one that gave his family, friends and admirers an opportunity to say a different kind of special goodbye.

Photo Credit
In the Church (Chris Nelson, Facebook)


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